Converting zombies into learners: improving MOOC learner retention

We aim to better understand learner engagement in massive open online education in Supply Chain Management by applying learning analytics. MOOC learners can be categorized into three distinct groups: Learners, Voyeurs, and Zombies.

The learners watch lesson videos and complete work for grades, the voyeurs watch lesson videos but do not complete some work for grades, and the zombies neither watch videos nor complete any graded work. The percentages of these learners are roughly 85%, 10%, and 5% respectively. Our data shows that 30% of verified learners dropout.

In this research project, our goal is to increase the engagement of voyeurs and zombies, as well as to reduce the number of learners dropping out the courses.

We will achieve this goal by applying predictive models and implementing a range of targeted interventions.

Understand how MicroMasters are > Σ i MOOCi in this working paper presented in spring 2019